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Global Cotton Production and Consumption Statistics 2024

Global Cotton production statistics 2024

Cotton is one of the world’s most important and widely used natural fibers. Despite the rise of polyester, cotton still accounts for approximately 75% of the textile industry’s raw materials. Beyond textiles, it finds applications in medical supplies, fishing nets, and banknotes. Cotton, one of the largest crops, significantly impacts the global economy, supporting millions […]

Find Your Perfect Towel: A Deep Dive into GSM and Towel Weight Selection

How much does a towel weigh

Towels might seem like ordinary things, but their weight is actually quite important. Have you ever wondered why some towels feel heavier than others? Well, it’s not just about feeling. Knowing the weight of a towel can help you make better decisions. It’s not just about choosing the right towel for your gym bag. It […]

The Secrets Behind Hotels’ Fluffy and White Towels


Have you ever noticed how the towels in luxury hotels always seem to be exceptionally fluffy and brilliantly white? It’s those small details that truly elevate the guest experience. After a luxurious stay, many guests find themselves admiring the pristine condition of white towels, wondering just how hotels manage to maintain such high quality. In […]

GSM in Towels | How GSM Numbers Determine Towel Excellence


In the vast sea of the textile industry, GSM serves as the compass guide us through the waves of towel quality. Essentially, it measures the weight of fibers within one square meter of the towel.  In this article, you will explore GSM and its Impact on Towels Quality & Performance. What is GSM in Towels? […]

What is Cotton and Where Does Cotton Come From?


Cotton is a special kind of fiber that comes from cotton plants. These plants belong to the Gossypium family and produce fibers made mostly of cellulose, an important substance for plant structure. Cotton is a soft and fluffy material that requires specific growing conditions. Its plants require plenty of sunlight, a long frost-free period, and […]