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Interlock Knit Fabric

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Interlock knit fabric is a special fabric made by joining two layers of jersey knit. It looks different from regular jersey because of the “V” shapes in the knitting. This feature gives the fabric a consistent look on both sides. This fabric is stretchable, comfortable, and flexible, making it great for clothes. The interlock structure of the fabric has a smooth texture which is perfect for detailed printing and designs. This feature makes it useful for both fashion and practical clothes. Plus, it can stretch and go back to its original shape without sagging, making it even better for making clothes.


  • Doubleknit jersey
  • Double Face jersey
  • Vstitch jersey
  • Combed cotton knit
  • Interlocked fabric
  • Dual-Layer knit

These terms are often used interchangeably in the textile industry when discussing the qualities of the fabric.

Contextual Reference: The term “interlock-knit fabric” is commonly used in the textile industry, particularly to discribe different types of knit fabrics. Commercial manufacturers and designers widely use this term when categorizing fabrics in the context of garment production.

Types of Interlock Knit Fabric

There are three basic types of interlock knit fabric: single, double, and ribbed. Each type has its unique characteristics and applications in the textile industry.

Single InterlockKnit Fabric

A single interlock knit fabric is a simple kind of interlock fabric. It has one layer of loops that lock together, giving it a smooth feel on both sides. It’s not as stretchy as regular jersey knit but more flexible than woven fabric. This light and comfortable fabric is great for making things like T-shirts, lightweight pajamas, and baby clothes.

Double InterlockKnit Fabric

It is a more advanced version of the knit fabric. It has two layers of locked stitches, making it thicker and better at keeping its shape. People use it for higher quality clothes like sportswear, structured tops, and winter leggings. It’s good for when you want your clothes to feel substantial and last longer.

Ribbed InterlockKnit Fabric

This fabric is a kind of interlock knit that has a ribbed texture. This happens because the stitches alternate to create vertical ridges in the fabric. Ribbed interlock knit combines the stretch of rib knitting with the smooth texture of interlock knit. It’s great for things like cuffs, collars, and bands in clothes, especially for fitted tops and activewear. It looks nice and moves well with your body.

Unique Features and Industrial Use:

Below are key features of this fabric along with detailed explanations for each:

Double-Knit Construction: 

Interlock-knit fabric is made by using a special knitting method that involves two layers of yarn. This way, the fabric becomes thicker and stronger compared to regular fabrics. It keeps you warmer and lasts longer because it can handle rough use better.

Smooth Surface on Both Sides: 

Interlock-knit fabric is special because both sides look the same – smooth and even. This makes it good for fashion and other things. You can use it to make clothes or products that look good no matter how you see them.

Stretch and Recovery:

It can stretch and then go back to its original shape really well. This means clothes made from interlock-knit fabric keep their shape and fit nicely for a long time. It’s perfect for clothes that need to hug the body well, like form-fitting clothing.

Soft and Comfortable:

People like interlock-knit fabric because it feels really soft and comfortable on the skin. The small threads and tight-knit make it smooth and luxurious. That’s why a lot of people choose it for things like baby clothes, underwear, and pajamas because it feels nice to wear.

Versatility in Weight and Use:

This fabric comes in different thicknesseso r weights. You can get it in a lightweight version for cool and breathable summer clothes or a heavyweight version for warm and cozy winter garments. This flexibility, along with its good looks and practical features, makes interlock-knit fabric great for all kinds of clothing. 

Moisture-Wicking Properties:

Some interlock-knit fabrics are made to pull moisture away from the body. This means it moves sweat to the outer part of the fabric where it can dry up. This way, you stay comfortable and dry even when you’re working up a sweat.

Because of its unique qualities, interlock-knit fabric is a popular and versatile choice for both designers and consumers. It brings together comfort, durability, and a nice appearance, making it a fabric that many people like and find useful. 

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