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Layered Towel

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Layered towel is a type of towel design with multiple layers of fabric. Each layer contributes to the overall thickness, absorbency, and softness of the towel. These towels are designed to offer performance characteristics that are enhanced compared to those of single-layered towels. They provide users with a more luxurious and efficient drying experience. The layered structure not only increases the ability to absorb water quickly but also contributes to its durability and longevity.


  • Multilayered towels
  • Double Ply Towels
  • Thick Towels
  • Multi Folded Towels
  • Dual Layer towels

Context of Use: These towels are commonly used in settings that demand high-quality and durable linen. They are also favoured for their aesthetic appeal, adding a touch of elegance and comfort to bathroom decor.

Key Features of Layered Towels:

Enhanced Absorbency: 

Due to the multilayered structure, these towels can absorb significantly more moisture than their single-layer counterparts. This makes them ideal for use after baths, showers, or swimming.

Superior Softness: 

The use of multiple fabric layers often includes soft textiles to enhance comfort. These fabrics contribute to a plush and comfortable feel against the skin.

Increased Durability: 

The layered construction provides added strength, allowing these towels to withstand frequent washings while maintaining their texture and absorbency.

Versatile Design: 

These Towels often come in a variety of sizes, colors, and patterns. It enables customization to fit personal or brand specific aesthetic preferences.

What Makes Layered Towels Different from Others?

Comfort and Luxury:

The soft nature of these towels offers a luxurious and indulgent drying experience. Overall, it enhances the comfort for users.


Their high absorbency rates enable quicker drying, thereby improving the user experience. This is why they are particularly favored in high-end hospitality settings.

Aesthetic Appeal:

With their rich textures and appearance, these towels contribute to the overall aesthetic and ambiance of bathroom interiors.


The durable design ensures that these towels remain a part of the linen collection for a longer time. This provides cost-effectiveness over their lifespan.

Higher Cost:

Their complex manufacturing process and the high quality materials often result in a higher price point compared to standard towels.

Longer Drying Times:

Due to their thickness and multiple layers, these towels might take longer to dry completely after being used or washed. This can be a consideration in humid climates or when quick turnover is needed.

Pro Tips to Maintain Layered Towels

  • Use gentle detergent and avoid fabric softeners or bleach. 
  • Wash in warm water without overcrowding the machine.  
  • Use low heat settings or air dry to prevent damage.  
  • Shake and massage the towels after washing to restore softness.
  • Store in a dry, ventilated area to prevent mildew.  
  • Periodically soak towels in water and vinegar or baking soda.  
  • Switch towels frequently to distribute usage evenly. 
  • Promptly mend any tears or snags to prevent further damage. 
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