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Providing the finest quality of cotton products on your demand. Feel the luxury.

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We offer wide range of premium bulk towels at unbeatable price with exceptional quality. 100% Su Pima Cotton and more.

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Besides Bath towels, beach towels, golf towels and face towels, we also deal in custom sizes of these types.


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Bulk white towels

Su Pima 100% Cotton White Towels - Bulk Quantity

Material: Pima Cotton
Quality: 650 GSM
Face Towel 33X33
Hand Towel 50X100
Bath Towel 70X140
Bath Sheet 90X150

Bulk white towels

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We are in the industry since 2020. We are exporting towels worldwide and have enough experience in manufacturing, distribution & exporting quality products as per client requirements. We are exporting our products to the clients in United States (USA), Canada, Australia, Europe, Middle East and many more.



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As per the experienced towel distributors, we have our process well defined. With the manufacturer & suppliers our SOP’s are well defined. 

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Our representatives gives the best B2B services with exceptional guidelines regarding financial terms, payments, exports, order tracking, quality assurance, requirement fulfillment and much more as you seem fit. 


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We provide 24/7 customer care services in order to maintain healthy relation between our clients and in order to cater their needs/inquiries


Reviews From Our Clients

Bulk Cotton provides the best quality for our hotel towels. These guys are amazing to work with.

Lucy Client

To start an bedding shop i need towels in bulk they help me out to give the finest & cheap prices.

Mia Thompson Client

Their prices on wholesale are amazing and we are much satisfied with their quality & experience to buy towel container. Our order was 25000+ towels and they did it amazing.

Jack & Linna Client
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Why You Should Buy Wholesale Towels 

Towels are not just ordinary pieces of fabric but the unsung heroes that play an important role in daily life. They are not just for drying off after a bath or for wiping faces. Towels have become essential for personal hygiene, general cleaning, and even becoming a staple in beauty routines. Imagine a fluffy towel in a hotel or a soft one in a spa – that is the magic! These simple cloths can make daily routines cleaner, more comfortable, and more special.

Towels are not only used in households but also in the commercial sector. Large businesses, such as hospitals, healthcare centers, hotels, spas, and salons, purchase towels in bulk to provide customers with a comfortable and luxurious experience. To meet their customers needs and establish their business, brands buy premium-quality wholesale towels in bulk.

Benefits of Buying in Bulk

When you need towels for your household or business, choose a wholesale distributor. They provide high-quality towel products at a reasonable price range.

We are here to fulfill your commercial towel needs. We deal not only in towels but also in trusted products. Our collection of quality towels is designed to meet your diverse individual or business needs while offering several key advantages:

1. Cost-Effectiveness

Larger businesses, such as hotels, shopping malls, and shopping centers, require bulk quantities of towels to meet their visitors’ needs and maintain operations. Businesses need cost-effective wholesale towels to achieve this. Purchasing towels in bulk brings down the cost per unit compared to buying individual units of towels.

We have leading manufacturers and offer competitive cheap pricing to provide significant savings. This cost-effectiveness benefit reduces the financial burden on the buyer.

2. Quality Assurance 

Quality products not only support brand but also fulfill customer needs. The manufacturing process is the key factor determining the quality of towels.

We manufacture each towel on modern netting machines with 100% Pima cotton and Polyester. These towels undergo thorough quality checks to meet the highest standards. We take pride in offering premium quality assurance at cheap prices. When you choose our best-quality towels in bulk, you’re not just making a purchase you are investing in your business reputation.

3. Variety and Customization

Versatility and customization option allow brands to flourish. Wholesale manufacturers provide customization on customer demand, contributing to the promotion of businesses.

Our towel company offers a broad selection of towel types, sizes and colors to cater to diverse preferences and requirements. This extensive variety ensures you find precisely what your business needs. Additionally, we offer customized towel options, allowing you to align the towels with your brand image or logo.

4. Brand Consistency 

Consistency in appearance and texture of towels is not just a choice, it is a cornerstone for crafting a compelling brand image. In a world where impressions matter, the hands-on feel and visual uniformity of products become the silent ambassadors of brand. 

We provide the advantage of uniformity in both quality and design when you order in bulk. Additionally, we offer custom embroidery towels, perfect for business branding on demand.

on to incorporate your brand’s logo or colors into the towels. This customization not only reinforces brand identity but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of the brand. 

Where Wholesale Towels Can Be Used

Towels are used in many industries because they are versatile and important. Some industries require towels to facilitate customer service, cleaning, or as promotional gifts. If they don’t have these important linens, they might struggle to make customers happy and could face survival challenges.

1. Hospitality Industry 

The quality of towels directly mirrors brand’s standards in the hospitality industry. Hotels and resorts can experience significant advantages through towel bulk purchases. 

Our Wholesale Bath Towels are specially designed for hospital industry to endure frequent use and laundering. It guarantees to stay soft and inviting for each new guest.

2. Gyms and Fitness Centers

Towels play a vital role in enhancing the member experience in gyms and fitness centers. These environments require towels that are not only durable but also highly absorbent to withstand rigorous use.

We have a diverse range of towel types including special gym and massage towels. 

We prioritize the durability and absorbency of towels to contribute positively to the overall experience of members in gyms and fitness centers.

Our premium quality towels are manufactured specifically to meet these demands and comfort for users.

3. Salons and Spas

Massage towels are frequently used in salons and spas and play an important role in the convenience of customers. 

Our Massage towels are designed to meet the unique demands of salons and spas. These towels offer the perfect blend of softness, absorbency, and durability and give a feeling of comfort to customers. By ordering in bulk from us, salons and spas can ensure a consistent high-quality experience for their clients.

Considerations When Buying Wholesale Towels

Wholesale towels for your business require careful consideration of various factors. These factors can guide you to make good decisions and ensure that the towels you select align with both your needs and expectations. 

Here are key considerations to keep in mind when buying towels in bulk for your business.

1. Check Material and Durability 

The material of the towels is crucial because it affects the feel, absorbency, and lifespan of towels. For example, cotton towels are renowned for their softness and breathability, making them a preferred choice in the hospitality and personal care industries. On the other hand, microfiber towels have excellent absorbency and quick drying quality that are ideal for eco-friendly environment.

Our towels are crafted with 100% Pima cotton imported from the USA, known as the finest cotton on earth. Pima, being an extra-long staple (ESL) cotton, boasts long fibers, making it exceptionally soft and strong. It withstands frequent washing and usage, preserving its quality and comfort over time. This guarantees a long-lasting supply that remains comfortable and effective for our worldwide customers.

2. Check Supplier Reputation 

Supplier reputation has a future impact on a brand’s quality and reliability. Always choose trusted suppliers with high reputations.

We are reputable supplier, committed to ensuring quality, consistency, and reliability in our wholesale towel manufacturing. Our reputation is built on delivering excellent towel supplies, crafted with the latest machines in our manufacturing unit. The manufacturing units are fully equipped with state-of-the-art automatic machines designed to produce luxury towels. We proudly supply our wholesale towels to well-known brands worldwide.

3. Check Customer Reviews

Always consider certain factors when making decisions about investing in any business, particularly those involving bulk orders. Check customer reviews and the list of clients, along with product details and services.

Choosing us as your partner means selecting a brand that recognizes the crucial role of quality in enhancing your business image and ensuring customer satisfaction. Our global clients, especially from the USA, UK, and Australia, trust in the quality of our products and services.

4. Order Quantity

Estimating the right quantity to order is a wise and delicate balance for investment. It’s important to evaluate your business usage patterns to avoid overstocking or facing shortages.

We allow you to customize your towel order, making it easy for you to choose what suits you best. Moreover, we offer discounts on bulk orders for wholesale towels. Our towel solutions are tailored for commercial use, ensuring you receive great value without compromising on quality.

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