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Providing the finest quality of cotton products on your demand. Feel the luxury.

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At Bulk Cotton we understand the importance of quality and comfort in the hospitality industry. That’s why we offer an extensive range of premium towels for hotels.

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Bulk white towels

Su Pima 100% Cotton White Towels - Bulk Quantity

Material: Pima Cotton
Quality: 650 GSM
Face Towel 33X33
Hand Towel 50X100
Bath Towel 70X140
Bath Sheet 90X150

1 hotel towel wholesale

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Reviews From Our Clients

Bulk Cotton provides the best quality for our hotel towels. These guys are amazing to work with.

Lucy Client

To start an bedding shop i need towels in bulk they help me out to give the finest & decent prices.

Mia Thompson Client

Their prices on wholesale are amazing and we are much satisfied with their quality & experience to buy towel container. Our order was 25000+ towels and they did it amazing.

Jack & Linna Client
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Know More About Hotel Towels!

These are not just for drying the body after taking a shower. They are a reflection of the hotel’s style and care for its customers. From bedroom to the gym and poolside, towels play a vital role in enhancing the overall guest experience of visitors. Large businesses like hotels, sweets, private lodges, motel, and resorts invest in quality towels to enhance their brand identity through exceptional service.

Buying hotel towels in bulk, is a smart idea for large businesses in hospitality industry. It’s not just about saving money; it’s a way to make all towels look the same and promote your identity. Our wholesale hotel towels are the best choice for enhancing guests’ staying experience, ensuring it is both comfortable and memorable.

Why Our Hotel Towels Are a Smart Choice?

High Quality & Durability

Our hotel towels are super special! They’re made with high-quality stuff like Pima Cotton and strong polyester. We use special methods to process these materials, creating towels that are super soft and durable. You can use them a lot and they won’t get old because get more soft as they get old. When you buy our towels, it is not just buying fluffy fabric; it’s like making a safe investment that gives benefits for a long time.

Wide Range of Styles, Colors & Custom Logo

Towels do more than just dry; they add a touch of style and comfort to your hotel rooms and bathrooms. We offer a wide range of colors and styles beyond the classic white, so you can match them to your hotel’s theme.

These towels help to create a lasting impression on guests, making stays memorable. These are not just for cleanliness; it’s for enhancing visitors’ overall experience and the hotel’s distinctive identity. Choose our premium towels to leave a positive and lasting impact on your guests. Also we can custimize the logo with your Logo Iniitals or other as well. 

Extra Soft & Skin-Friendly

Our towels are made with pure Pima cotton. It is the finest cotton in the world that’s gentle on the skin. It gives the feeling of luxury and makes towels soothing and extra soft. We make sure our towel products are hypoallergenic and tested by dermatologists, so all are safe for guests with sensitive skin. This attention to comfort and well-being makes using our luxury hotel towels a nice experience.

Quality Products in Cheap Price

We use innovative technology in manufacturing towels and that lets us offer high-quality products at a competitive price. Our production processes are efficient but we do not compromise on quality. We offer towels at cheap prices with excellent quality. This means we provide premium quality hotel towels without putting a heavy financial burden on owners.

Towel Customization Service

We offer customization services that let you add logos, names or brand symbols to towels through digital embroidery and printing. We use advanced embroidery machines and high-resolution printing to make sure even detailed designs are replicated accurately. Our towel customization in bulk is a big advantage for hotels that want to strengthen their brand identity and make a lasting impression on their guests.

Eco-Friendly Organic Materials

We care about the environment, that’s why our all towels are made from organic and eco-friendly materials. This not only helps the planet by reducing environmental effects but also meets the growing desire for eco-friendly impact in the hospitality industry.

Our Best Product

Su Pima 100% Cotton White Hotel Towels 

Material: Pima Cotton

Quality: 650 GSM

Face Towel Size:  33X33cm

Hand Towel Size: 50X100cm

Bath Towel Size: 70X140cm

Bath Sheet Size : 90X150cm

Our Products are Best For:

  1. Hotel Rooms
  2. Bathrooms
  3. Gyms and Fitness Centers
  4. Poolside
  5. Spas and Wellness Centers
  6. Beach Resorts
  7. Conference Rooms
  8. Outdoor Activities

Salient Features of our Wholesale Hotel  Towels

Our bulk towels are specially made for hotels with unique features to make your place known for comfort. Let’s take a look at what makes them great:

1. Reinforced Edging: 

Our Each towel has reinforced edges that are designed to significantly extend its lifespan. This reinforcement helps the towels withstand frequent washing, keeping them looking good after wash and ensuring premium quality.

2. Color Retention: 

We use color retention to keep towels’ colors bright, even after lots of use and washes. This makes sure the towels always look inviting and adds to the nice appearance of hotel rooms and bathrooms.

3. Non-Shrink Fabric:

We use special non-shrink fabric in towels manufacturing. They keep their original size and shape even with regular washing.

4. Extra Softness: 

As a leading manufacturer we craft our towels with quality materials and precise manufacturing techniques. That’s why these towels are incredibly soft. This adds a touch of luxury and comfort to make guests’ stays more enjoyable and memorable.

5. Ultra-Absorbent Fibers and Thermal Control: 

We use super-absorbent fibers in our towels. They quickly soak up moisture, giving guests a fast and refreshing drying experience. These fibers are also made to control temperature, ensuring comfort in different weather conditions.

6. Antimicrobial Properties and Breathable Weave: 

Our towels feature antimicrobial properties that inhibit bacterial growth and provide a breathable weave to promote air circulation. This ensures the towels remain fresh, clean and hygienic with every use.

7. Lightweight and Compact: 

Our towels are designed to be lightweight for easy handling, while the high-quality cotton ensures a luxurious, soft feel. They are also convenient for simple storage and transport, making it easier for hotel housekeeping to fold towels in various ways. Additionally, this convenience extends to guests as well.

8. Easy-Care Maintenance and Wrinkle-Resistant: 

These towels are made to be low maintenance and resistant to wrinkles, so they stay neat with little effort. This is a big advantage for hotel staff, allowing them to concentrate more on guest service rather than spending too much time on linen care.

9. Stain Resistance: 

These are made with special technology to resist stains, helping keep them clean even in busy hotels. This is important for maintaining high cleanliness standards and keeping guests happy.

10. Embroidery Options and Versatile Utility: 

Our towels don’t just serve their purpose – they also come with fancy embroidery options for personalization or brand promotion. This lets hotels showcase their brand or offer a special touch. 

Enhance Your Brand Identity With Our Hotel Towels

Enhance your business identity with our premium wholesale hotel towels. Crafted from high-quality materials, these towels provide a touch of comfort that stands out. Our towel customization service allow you to incorporate your brand logo, turning each guest’s stay into a memorable experience. We prioritize your customers’ comfort and satisfaction, along with brand identity. Contact us to place your next wholesale hotel towels order. Our friendly customer care team is available around the clock to help with any questions you may have..

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. What materials are used in the manufacturing of your hotel towels?  

It primarily made from high-quality Pima Cotton and durable polyester. These materials are chosen for their softness, strength, and longevity.

2. Can the towels be customized with a hotel’s branding?  

Yes, we offer customization services including digital embroidery and high-resolution printing, allowing hotels to add logos, names or brand symbols to the towels.

3. Are your towels suitable for guests with sensitive skin?

Absolutely! Our towels are made from pure Pima cotton, known for its gentleness on the skin. They are hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested making them safe for guests with sensitive skin.

4. How do the towels enhance the guest experience at a hotel?

They are designed to offer extra softness, luxury and comfort, enhancing the overall staying experience of guests. Their stylish appearance and customizable options contribute to a memorable stay.

5. What options are available for towel styles and colors?

We offer a wide range of colors and styles beyond the classic white, allowing you to choose towels that match your hotel’s theme and enhance its distinctive identity.

6. What sizes are available in your towel range?  

Our towel range includes various sizes: Face Towel (33×33 cm), Hand Towel (50×100 cm), Bath Towel (70×140 cm), and Bath Sheet (90×150 cm).

7. Do you offer competitive pricing for bulk purchases?

Yes, our innovative manufacturing technology allows us to offer high-quality towels at competitive prices, providing value without compromising on quality.

8. How do I place an order for wholesale towels?

You can contact us directly to discuss your needs and place an order for our premium wholesale hotel towels. Our team is ready to assist you in enhancing your brand identity with our quality towels.