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Providing the finest quality of cotton products on your demand. Feel the luxury.

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Salon & Spa Towels in Bulk

Indulge your clients in luxury with our exclusive range of salon and spa towels, now available in wholesale. Designed for superior comfort and efficiency, our towels are crafted from plush, absorbent fabric that’s gentle on the skin.

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Bath Towel Wholesale


Su Pima 100% Cotton White Towels - Bulk Quantity

Material: Pima Cotton
Quality: 650 GSM
Size: cm
Bath Towel 70X140
Bath Sheet 90X150

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Reviews From Our Clients

Bulk Cotton provides the best quality for our hotel towels. These guys are amazing to work with.

Lucy Client

To start an bedding shop i need towels in bulk they help me out to give the finest & decent prices.

Mia Thompson Client

Their prices on wholesale are amazing and we are much satisfied with their quality & experience to buy towel container. Our order was 25000+ towels and they did it amazing.

Jack & Linna Client
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Know More About Spa & Salon Towels!

In the world of spas and salons, towels are not just tools for cleanliness but also symbols of a commitment to exceptional service. They play a vital role in maintaining hygiene by absorbing excess water and products during various treatments. They are widely used in facials, massages, hair care and beauty therapies to enhance the overall client experience.

Our towels are carefully made to fulfill the essential needs of spas and salons. They are soft and durable, made with premium-quality materials. Our wide range of wholesale spa and salon towels is designed to meet beauty and wellness needs. Choose our cotton products to elevate your brand to new heights of client satisfaction and luxury.

Why Choose Our Spa & Salon Towels?

1. Exceptional Durability:

In busy spas and salons where towels are frequently used, durability is crucial. If they use long-lasting towels, they won’t have to buy new ones as much and can save money. Our products are exceptionally durable and can handle lots of use and washing. They always stay in good shape and help the brand maintain a great reputation.

2. Superior Absorbency:

Our towels excel in absorbency. They are so good at soaking up moisture that you don’t need a bunch of them for one session. This ease of use not only benefits the spa but also maintains hygiene by avoiding a damp environment that could harbor bacteria.

3. Hypoallergenic and Skin-Friendly: 

We know that skin sensitivity is a serious issue. We do not use any harsh chemicals in manufacturing process that might cause problems. Our skin-friendly towels reduce the risk of allergic reactions or skin irritation. They don’t just take care of the skin but also make the whole experience feel luxurious and caring.

4. Premium Quality at Competitive Prices: 

Our premium towels are fluffy, comfortable and specially designed for beauty and wellness treatment services. These products are available at cheap pricecs with high-quality materials. This combination of quality and affordability allows purchasing our wholesale spa and salon towels in bulk without overspending. These towels provide a classy experience for clients without costing too much.


5. Easy Maintenance: 

In the busy world of spas and salons, things must be easy to take care of. Our towels are made to handle lots of washing and drying without losing their quality and look. They’re designed to be low-maintenance, with features that resist stains and make them dry quickly. Taking care of these towels is super easy, making sure they’re always fresh, clean and ready to use.

6. Bulk Buying Option: 

We offer a bulk buying option to provide a cost-effective solution for large businesses. With this option, they can manage their resources well and still maintain the quality of their services. Large businesses like spas and salons can get high-quality towels at a lower cost per towel. Our bulk buying option is perfect for these businesses with lots of clients.

Our Best Towel Product

Su Pima 100% Cotton White Towels – Bulk Quantity

Material: Pima Cotton

Quality: 650 GSM

Bath Towel: 70X140

Bath Sheet: 90X150

Our Products are Best For:

  1. High-End Salons
  2. Beauty Clinics
  3. Hair Styling Studios
  4. Fitness Clubs with Spa Services
  5. Dermatology Clinics
  6. Men’s Grooming Lounges
  7. Cruise Ship Spas
  8. Luxury Resorts
  9. Medical Spas
  10. Cosmetic Surgery Centers

Salient Features of our Wholesale Spa and Salon Towels

1. Quick-Drying Formulation:

Our towels are designed to dry fast and make things run smoother. The quick-drying feature also saves energy during laundry. This efficiency is a big help in managing client appointments effectively. These towels help with quick turnover to keep the workflow professional. 

2. Colorfast Technology:

These towels keep their vibrant colors even after lots of washes. This means they always look good and keep a professional vibe. The durability of the colors also means you won’t have to replace them as often and saving costs in the long run.

3. Versatile Size Options:

These towels are available in all sizes from small hand towels to big bath sheets in 300-900GSM. That’s why our towel products are perfect for different services in spas and salons. It lets businesses pick the right size for each treatment to provide luxury comfort.

4. Professional Embroidery Compatibility:

We take pride in providing a personalized touch to your orders as part of our brand promotion facility. You can add your brand logo or unique designs through professional embroidery. This not only helps people recognize your brand but also gives a touch of luxury to the client experience. 

5. Wrinkle-Resistant Fabric:

They remain wrinkle-free at all times, reflecting the high standards of the brand. The fabric stays smooth even after lots of washing and saves time on ironing. It also keeps things looking sophisticated and organized in any spa or salon.

6. Lightweight Design:

Our towels are lightweight to make daily operations smooth. They are a breeze to handle, store and carry around. The lightweight design adds to the client’s experience by providing comfort without feeling heavy.

7. Quick-Care Maintenance:

These towels are easy to wash to make things simple and keep the place fresh. This saves time and labor costs in daily routines. The durability of the towels through many wash cycles also means savings in the long run.

8. Non-Slip Texture:

They have a texture that prevents slipping during treatments. This extra grip adds a layer of safety and comfort for client. It’s especially important for treatments with water or oils, reducing the chance of slipping and adding to the overall safety and professionalism.

9. Anti-Microbial :

Our towels possess special germ-fighting properties to keep bacteria and odors at bay. This helps to keep the place fresh and safe for both clients and staff. This feature makes the towels last longer and contributes to our efforts to be more sustainable.

10. Moisture-Wicking Technology:

Our towels are crafted with moisture-wicking technology that makes sure clients stay dry and cozy especially during longer treatments.his technology helps prevent discomfort from being wet for too long and ensures clients have a pleasant experience. 

Enhance Customer Satisfaction with Our Spa and Salon

From exceptional durability to advanced moisture-wicking technology, they are designed with care to enhance the client experience. Whether you run a high-end salon or a medical spa, our wholesale towels cater to all your needs, combining functionality with a touch of elegance.


Choose our products with premium quality at cheap prices and embrace the opportunity to elevate your business. Don’t miss out on the chance to make a lasting impression with our exceptional spa and salon towels. Place your order now and step into a world where quality meets luxury. Don’t miss out the chance to make a lasting impression with our exceptional spa and salon towels.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1: What makes your spa and salon towels special?

Our towels stand out for their durability, absorbency and affordability. They are carefully crafted with features like anti-microbial properties, quick-drying formulation and colorfast technology.

2: Can I customize the towels with my brand logo?

Yes, we offer professional embroidery services for customization. Add your brand logo or unique designs to promote brand recognition and enhance the client experience.

3: How do your towels contribute to sustainability?

Our towels contribute to sustainability with features like anti-microbial properties, ensuring longevity. The quick-drying feature also saves energy during laundry, supporting eco-friendly practices.

4: Can I purchase your towels in bulk?

Yes, we offer a bulk buying option, providing a cost-effective solution for large businesses. This allows you to manage resources efficiently while maintaining service quality.

5: Do your towels have safety features for clients during treatments?

Yes, our towels feature a non-slip texture, enhancing safety during treatments. This is especially important for treatments involving water or oils.

6: How do I place an order for your towels?

To place an order, visit our website or contact our customer service. We’re excited to provide you with quality spa and salon towels that meet your business needs.